About Women of God

Joyce Tilney, Founder of Women of God Ministries and Why Diets Don’t Work, is a wife, mother and grandmother.  Her open and candid teaching style shares personal experiences that impart hope and encouragement for your daily walk as you face the trials of life.

She confronts the daily challenges of attitudes — bitterness, worries, jealousy and rejection — issues that stop us from walking in the peace and joy the Lord has promised.

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The Real Woman

The Real Woman grows roses from the thorns of life! You  must learn to take the fertilizer, the hurt and heartache of life,  and grow roses! You have to  plant your own garden with the seeds from His Word and cultivate the soil of your heart with praise and thanksgiving.

Whether  she is rich or poor, married or single, leader or  servant, women in the Bible and women today have one thing in common—is God first place in  her life?

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The Runway of Life

Join a community of women like yourself, sharing the joy of victory over life’s everyday struggles, as we walk together down the runway of life!

Walking in the light living in a dark world is not an easy assignment, but together we can overcome!  No one can bear their burdens alone.

For every season of life we need a new pair of shoes!  Sometimes just a pair of flip flops for relaxing and other times we need boots to march through the trials of life.

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