About Women of God

Joyce Tilney, Founder Women of God Ministries

Joyce Tilney, Founder, Women of God Ministries

Joyce Tilney, Founder of Women of God Ministries and Why Diets Don’t Work, is a wife, mother and grandmother.  Her open and candid teaching style shares personal experiences that impart hope and encouragement for your daily walk as you face the trials of life.


She confronts the daily challenges of attitudes — bitterness, worries, jealousy and rejection — issues that stop us from walking in the peace and joy the Lord has promised.

What better way to build your faith than to study from the women that have walked before you! They are remarkable people with real feelings, and real struggles!  The heart of a woman does not change from culture to culture or from century to century. Women’s needs are the same throughout the ages. They need to belong, to love and be loved, find their identity, develop their gifts and juggle their responsibilities.



We are bombarded today by the views of the world as to who a woman is to be and her place in society. There is only one standard and one source of power that can stand against the pressure of society. That standard is Jesus Christ.


True womanhood is not measured by the worldly praise or man’s attention.  Womanhood is measured by a woman’s own character developed from the Word of God.


“For whatever things were written before were written for our learning,
that we through the patience and comfort of the Scripture
might have hope” (Romans 15:4).”


The Vision

The vision of  Women of God Ministries is to “teach women today from women of yesterday.” Our goal is to help you overcome the challenges in your world. As we study God’s word and the lives of those who have walked before us, we will gain understanding for our walk with God.

Who are these women from yesterday? Remarkable real people with real struggles and real feelings. They encountered life head on — some walked with God — some disobeyed God! We can learn from both.


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 Recommendations for Women of God Ministries

“Psalms 68:11 in the Latin vulgate reads, “The Lord gave the Word of deliverance and the female evangelists who proclaimed it were a mighty host.”  This verse is very applicable to Joyce Tilney and the anointed ladies making up the Women of God Ministries.

Betty and I have known Bill and Joyce Tilney and have been heart warmed by the work of grace in their lives. It’s truly awesome to watch at close range the character development and the spiritual giftings and abilities God has given them both. Joyce was given by the Lord a vision, a calling and an enablement to teach women the ways of the Lord. She has wisely followed the Lord in a very straight forward and disciplined walk. Hers is not a humanly structured program with a fleshly agenda on a calculated plan for building her empire. She is led by the Spirit, moving in the Spirit and anointed by the Spirit to impact women’s lives.

One heart warming facet of the Women of God is how easily her group fits in with all churches and denominations. She is equality at home with all church groups. Another facet that has impressed me is Joyce Tilney’s ability to work with all Women’s Groups that have invited her. She get’s invitations from many Women’s organizations all over the world. She fits in easily with these groups because she is not clannish, doesn’t have any feelings of elitism or exclusivity or territorial control.

I predict that this group and its sensitive and wise leadership will have a ripple effect that will reach to the ends of the earth to the end of the Church Age.”
Dick Mills, Dick Mills Ministries www.dmm.org


“Bill and Joyce Tilney are true friends, and their ministry over the years has matured and now grown to international proportions. Biblically based and Christ centered they present divine truths to be lived in practical life. Her Women of God conferences are excellent with lasting results. Bill and Joyce are two of God’s choice servants and I recommend them without reservation.”
Ed Cole, Christian Men’s Network, www.edcolelegacy.com


“Joyce Tilney is leading a special movement, Women of God Ministries. She was a faithful worker for Victory Christian Center when she and her husband lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We rejoice for this hour that women are rising up to do the works and spread the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
– Pastor Billy Joe Daughterty, Victory Christian Center Tulsa, Oklahoma www.victory.com


“Joyce is a tremendous role model to women demonstrating the character of Christ as a women, wife, and mother. She also demonstrates the power of God in ministry as she focuses on women’s needs, yet not to the exclusion of men.”
– Pastor Robert P. Garrett, Jr., Praise Fellowship Church, Pennsylvania