Walking in New Shoes

12 Aug Walking in New Shoes

As little girls we learn to “make believe.”

Unfortunately, this make-believe role in life plays right into the devil’s scheme of deception.

As we grow older and begin to face the pain of life, it is easier to “make believe”, living in a world of fantasy instead of facing the truth.

Only when we face the truth, can we begin to heal and get rid of the pain.   Pain is always a symptoms that something is wrong!

How do you get rid of the pain?

Ask  the Holy Spirit to take the pain away.   You have not because you ask not!  (James 4).

When the pain is gone, you can face the situation.

You were not born again to survive, but to overcome!

“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world.. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—0ur faith” (1John 5:4).

A person with a survival mentality is usually filled with unforgiveness and bitterness.

Forgiveness is an attitude worked in our heart through understanding God’s Heart!

Put on your new shoes of forgiveness and walk the runway of life knowing that you overcome because you are a child of God!

An over-comer forgives and forgets! She learns to take the hurts, heartaches and rejection of this world and grow roses.

Dig deep allowing the Holy Spirit to search your heart.   Keep your garden watered daily with the Word of God, renewing your mind, having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude.

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