The Real Woman – New Book Release

19 Apr The Real Woman – New Book Release

The Real Woman, born again by the Spirit of God, must understand what happened to her when she was born again.  Conversion gives us the ability to wee and understand the Kingdom of God.  As we learn to use the hurt and heartache—the thorns of life— our heart is transformed into a beautiful treasure of hope.

Buds of life will spring forth as you receive the truths of the life giving revelation in this book, producing roses of peace and joy. Life is full of pain, but misery is optional to the   Real Woman of God.

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“Joyce Tilney has tapped into a deep vein of hope and truth in The Real Woman. In a world wwhere people are depressed and pessimistic, this book is like a ray of light in the darkness pointing to a joyful and overcoming life. I love it!”  – Cindy Jacobs

“The Real Woman takes us on a journey to the heart of God and gives us points to ponder as we give our hearts to Him.”      – Pastor Erma Zimmerman


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